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I.  Vision & Mission

Webuy is a leading service platform for import commodity, established by the joint venture company including Shanghai Bonded Commodity Trading Market, Chinese Textile Trading Center and other units, while Shanghai Zhongzhen Network Technology Co., Ltd. is in charge of operation and management towards this platform. The mission of Webuy is to make import easier. Webuy devotes itself to providing efficient e-transaction platform and convenient cross-border payment channel for small and medium-sized enterprises. Besides, Webuy remolds credit system of import, and provides integrated solutions in online cross-border supply chain finance and international logistics.

The transaction mall is a trading platform for bulk commodity import subordinated to Webuy, and concentrates on overseas farming, grazing, fishing, forest and mining.

 II. Goals

Webuy focuses on agricultural and sideline products of overseas origin, and promotes import efficiency, achieving a fast matching between foreign sellers and domestic buyers for one-key selling and one-key procurement through international trading process standardization and visualization of supply chain, so that customers can acquire satisfied transaction experience. With big data precipitated and analyzed, relevant indexes are established to reflect forward transaction of bulk commodity and achieve more data values.

 III.   Functions

As an innovative multi-category vertical industry chain cross-border e-commerce platform, Webuy strives to provide one package import service for agricultural and sideline products of overseas origin. Its management system with core of import steward achieves that agricultural and sideline products can be purchased by cross border with the help of Webuy transaction mall; besides, Webuy Global Purchasing can help to achieve domestic distribution. At the same time, the platform also provides all value-added services required in finance, logistics, insurance and other relevant industry chains for domestic and overseas clients through its Webuy Finance and Webuy Logistics, these two platforms.

Transaction mall is the core transaction system (SAAS) of Webuy, and is a autonomous transaction system with innovation functions. Transaction mall achieves direct online transactions between foreign suppliers and domestic demanders free of any language barriers and time difference restrictions in the overall transaction process, truly realizing transaction facilitation and timely transaction conclusion. In addition, all transactions can be guaranteed to be real and effective through its membership system, margin system and credit rating system.

The transaction mall endows numerous domestic small and medium buyers and foreign sellers with equivalent transaction selection and negotiation rights. Both sides of a transaction can release supply and demand information about products, select transaction terms, forward online transaction and payment by themselves in this platform. The transaction mall provides two kinds of transaction mechanisms including bidding (Buyer bidding and seller bidding) and bargaining, with one-to-one transaction and one-to-many transaction available; the modes of automatic transaction and confirmation sheet by automatic generation are carried out in this platform. The overall transaction process is fair, equitable and efficient without any intermediate price difference.

 IV. Superiorities

No price difference, free transaction

Space-time breakthrough, convenient communication

                                                                                                            Continuous transaction, services available all year round
V. Team

The core team of Webuy includes those experts with years of abundant experience in traditional industries, elites who are familiar with international trade customs and those specialists who have devoted themselves to internet technology for many years.

We try to promote the development of traditional industries with Internet thinking and internet technology, acting on international convention to integrate into the global market, and building an Internet cross-border e-commerce platform that can break through geographic spatiotemporal restrictions without any language barriers.